Hourglass - the easy solution for project management
and working time monitoring

Hourglass is an ideal and effective activity planning, performance monitoring and invoicing solution for small and medium-sized companies.  Keeping track of your finished projects and completed working hours, and planning new ones has never been this easy!
Hourglass is a web-based service which makes use of today’s technological possibilities – the search windows are updated as you make changes to your search terms, you can monitor your performance data in real time, etc.

We are constantly improving the service and you will always have access to the latest version of Tiimalasi – without having to pay anything extra!


Hourglass comprises the following modules

Project Management Hourglass - front view

  • Project scheduling and project pricing by project or hour
  • Project status monitoring
    • Real-time cost monitoring by working hours completed
  • Task planning
    • Planning of resources and schedules
    • Task search by project, employee, etc.
  • Task calendar
    • Direct scheduling of tasks in calendar view: possibility to drag and drop tasks in the calendar
    • Daily, weekly and monthly views

Task Monitoring

  • Every employee’s most important and most frequently used feature
  • Tasks can be accessed directly from the front page
  • Entry of working hours during the completion of the task (automatic entry), or after the task has been completed
  • Hourly log – the cornerstone of monitoring and planning
    • Extremely versatile search function
    • Possibility to view the log by entry, by project, by task category, and by employee
    • A summary view offering resource itemizations for specific project needs (incl. EU projects)


  • Itemization of costs by employee
  • Capacity planning by selected period of time, for example by month.

Customer Management

  • Customer data
    • Customer contact and invoicing details
    • Possibility to create user accounts in customer view
  • Tenders
    • Monitoring of tenders made - helps in future project planning
    • Creation of projects on the basis of winning tenders
    • Monitoring of performance by seller
  • Invoicing – see below

Customer view

  • Customer’s project view
  • Monitoring of task scheduling and project status
  • Monitoring of planned projects and invoicing history
  • Monitoring of pending invoicing, on the basis of project price or hours completed (finished tasks


  • Creation and sending of invoices
    • By email
    • By regular mail
    • As an electronic invoice
  • Monitoring of invoice status and payment reminder functions
  • Possibility to import online banking events to the account book
    • Automatic identification of invoices paid



Hourglass for up to 10 users
€29 / month
Hourglass for more than 10 users €49 / month
Invoicing module +€10 / month
Additional Services
Mailing of Invoices via the Postita.fi service €1.09 / letter sent
SMS reminders €0.06 / SMS sent


VAT 23% will be added to the prices.

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